List Of Old Newspapers In The World

The newspaper helps to know about the events that are happening around the globe. Newspapers let you know about the current happenings of the world. Though the Internet and smartphones have replaced the need for newspapers, people still read newspapers for various reasons. Here is the list of some of the old newspapers that were published several years ago.

Avisa Relation Oder Zeitung: This German newspaper was published in the year 1609 in the Roman Empire. Lucas Schulte published it. It is the first periodical to be published in the world. The newspaper came up with various stories from other countries. Several authors say that this is the first newspaper to be published.

Courante uyt Italien: This is one of the old newspapers published in the year 1618 by the Dutch. It was the first newspaper to be published in a broadsheet. This newspaper was a weekly edition, and it came up with the current events in Germany and Italy. The publication of this paper was stopped in the year 1664.

Nieuwe Tijdinghen: This is an old newspaper published in the Dutch language by Abraham Verhoeven. This newspaper is considered as the first Flemish newspaper. The newspaper covered much general news, celebrity news, songs, prayers, etc. The paper carried an article on woodcut illustration. The newspaper was politically biased.

La Gazatte: This newspaper was published in the year 1631 in the French language. Theophraste Renaudot is the founder of the newspaper in the country of France. It is the first French newspaper and first weekly magazine published. The paper mainly focused on publishing political news.

Gazeta: This newspaper was published in the year 1641 in Spain. The paper was short-lived as it was closed very soon.

La Gaceta de Madrid: Royal Assent published this Spanish newspaper in the year 1661. The paper was issued on all days except Sundays. The newspaper covered news on law, regulations, acts, etc. From the year 2009, this newspaper is available online.

The above is the list of some of the old newspapers that were published in the yesteryears.